Officer David Hofer “A Servant’s Servant” Remembered!

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Life held endless possibilities for Euless Police Officer David Hofer whose future was suddenly taken from his family, and the public he served so well on the very first day
of March just three years ago at half past two in the afternoon.

Officer Hofer, who was raised and educated in New York City, had been a member of the Euless police department for two years.
As young boy he was taught by his parents to view people he encountered through the prism of
humanity although he often witnessed sadness and turmoil in the profession he had chosen.
An extremely pleasant and engaging human-being, Officer Hofer and his patrol partner one night discovered an elderly couple on the streets of Euless that had lost their way, and whose car had failed them.
Officer Hofer, whose compassion extended beyond those he knew, asked his partner to remain with the couple while he searched for a bank machine to withdraw personal funds, enough for a hotel stay so that the couple would not have to spend the night in their car, or in a shelter.

On the day that his fiancée, Marta, came to Euless with members of her family and friends
from New York, Officer Hofer, who was not working that day, borrowed a police car from the
department, Chief Brown said.

“He could have become anything that he wanted to be,”

said Euless Police Chief Mike Brown, speaking of the Officer Hofer who had been a member of the New York Police Department for five years before relocating to Texas to begin a new life that was to include marrying the woman he loved, and building a family with her.

He was one of the most intelligent people I have ever met in law enforcement. We found him exceptional.

“David knew the route that the van carrying Marta and the others would take from the airport,” Chief Brown said.

“Once the van reached the middle of Euless, he turned on his car’s siren and lights and pulled the van over.”

Officer Hofer approached the vehicle, Marta emerged and he got down on one knee to propose that they spend the rest of their time together. It was the happiest day of their young lives.
Nearly 6,000 people filled Pennington Field in Bedford, Texas for a final tribute to Officer Hofer. Dignitaries, citizens and police officers from across the country were present to bid farewell to someone who represented the best of policing, and the best of
humankind. |AR


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